Building Needs Assessment 2020

The library has been performing a building needs assessment with the help of FEH Design Group of Oconomowoc (and Sioux City, Des Moines, and Dubuque). The needs assessment will determine future library user needs and discuss space needs and the possibility of building expansion.

Our unique building has been adapted over the years to keep pace with changing library services, but the older design lacks the amenities of modern buildings. The building lacks open and private study areas, training space, play areas for children, digital media areas, and separate meeting spaces.

FEH has held several focus groups, inspected the limitations of the current facility, and held a two-day design workshop. Further documents will be posted online once they are available.

Design Workshop final renderings. These renderings are samples of possible building expansion. Some designs include purchasing the lots to the West of library property. Any real estate purchase is – at this point – speculative and dependent on several factors. These drawings are to see how the library can possibly expand.