Library Board

The mission of the L. D. Fargo Public Library is to serve the people of Lake Mills and the surrounding area as a reading, learning, entertainment, cultural, and technological center.

Wisconsin public libraries serve everyone and it is the duty of everyone in the service of Wisconsin public libraries to foster inclusivity.

The Library Board meets monthly on the third Monday at 4:30PM. Members serve three year terms and are appointed by the City Council President. Meeting informaiton is posted on the online calendar. Zoom meeting option is available.

Shaun Bollig | Library Board President | | Term expires 2025


Kristi Wendt | | Term expires 2024

Robin Untz | | Term expires 2023

Wendy Brockert | | Term expires 2024

Tonya Olson, PhD | District Administrator, Lake Mills Area School District | Term is indefinite

Michelle Quednow | City Council representative | | Term and tenure determined by City Council

Thomas “Bud” Skupniewicz | | Term expires 2025

Steven Wilke | City Manager ex officio | | Advisor

Library Board Minutes